IFDP finalized the first step of it’s Balkan tour

The Chairman of IFDP, Tuna Beklevic and the delegation with him have finalized their tour in the Balkans between 27-31 January 2014. The visits to Tirana, Skopje, Pristine, and Sofia have served the vision of 2014, Balkans Year of IFDP. In the short term Mr. Beklevic will be paying another field trip to other Balkan countries to realize the Balkan Summit this fall.

During the tour, Tuna Beklevic and the IFDP delegation were able to meet with the Speakers of Albanian and Kosovo Parliament’s H.E. Ilir Meta and H.E. Jaqup Krasniqi respectively, the Minister of European Integration of Albania Ms. Klojda Gjosha, the Deputy Minister of Energy of Albania Mr. Dorian Ducka, the Mayor of Tirana Mr. Lulzim Basha, the Minister without Portfolio of Macedonia Mr. Nezdet Mustafa, the former Prime Minister and the leader of Positive Alliance for Macedonia Mr. Vlado Buckovski, the Deputy Mayor of Sofia Mr. Todor Chobanov, and the executive directors of leading think tanks in both countries and media representatives.

The select photos are available for your interest. Please kindly click.

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